Chorus Parents:

Welcome to Hooverville Elementary Chorus.  Our goal is to do our best.  Students in 5th and 4th grade may participate in chorus.  We work hard in order to present to you concerts with a variety of styles and levels of difficulty in the music.  Students learn to sing in two and sometimes three part harmony.  

Look for us in December and April for our concerts.  Dates are listed on the school calendar and notes will be sent home as a reminder.

This year, chorus will be participating in the Music In Our Schools Concert, Feb. at the Senior High School. This concert is for all who are involved in vocal music throughout the district.  Students will need to have concert dress of white tops and black bottoms for this program.
Please keep in mind that your child has worked hard and are anxious to perform for you.  Please remember your concert manners.
Thank you,
Mrs. Kriner