Discipline Policy

Mrs. McIntire




Classroom Discipline Policy


My discipline method is as follows:  First, I use 123 Magic.  This is my prompting/warning system.  I’m sure that many of you are familiar with this.  If I find a child doing something that is not appropriate for school or is against the classroom rules, I will simply say, “That’s one.”  If soon after the child repeats the unwanted behavior, I will say, “That’s two.”  If I get to three, the child will need to “Move Their Clip”  In the case of serious offenses or recurring behaviors, I reserve the right to forego the warnings. 


“Clip Up, Clip Down System” is the second level. (More information below).          

          All students begin on Ready to Learn 

          Students can move up and down the Clip System throughout the day 

For positive reinforcement, I give TEAM tickets as well.  Rule of thumb, if a child gets to clip up, I give that child a team ticket as well.


Our Rules:  If the class is having any trouble with any of the following rules, I just say, “Rule # _____” (Whatever number someone/anyone is violating).  The entire class should then say the rule all together as a reminder. 


          Rule # 1:  Follow directions quickly.

          Rule # 2:  Raise your hand for permission to speak

          Rule # 3:  Raiser you hand for permission to leave your seat.

          Rule # 4:  Make smart choices.

          Rule # 5:  Keep your dear teacher happy.




I have very high expectations for the correct and appropriate behavior of the students within my classroom.  I find that if you set your standards high, children will strive to meet those standards.  I am very fair and very understanding, but I do not tolerate disrespect of the people or property within my classroom. 

          This year we will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our behavior and classroom choices.  Your child will have a clip in the classroom that they will physically move up or down the chart, depending on their choices.  Positive behavior choices allow the student to move up a level and inappropriate behavior choices cause the clothespin to move down a level.  Please keep in mind that your child may not move every single day!  In order to move up, students must go above and beyond in their behavior choices.  The chart below explains how the clip chart works. 



Great Choice!

Students who continue to make positive choices move up to the purple level. They will be rewarded for their behavior with a prize from the prize box, etc.


Good Choice!

Students who make positive choices will receive recognition as they move up the chart.


Ready to Learn!

Everyone starts the day “Ready to Learn”! Students can “clip up” or “clip down” throughout the day depending on their behavior choices.


Slow Down!

Students who receive a warning will move to yellow. This serves as a reminder to students to think about the choices they make.


Think About It!

Students who continue to make poor choices will move to orange and will be given a consequence.


Parent Contact…

Students who move to red will miss recess in its entirety. Parents will be contacted that day if their child is on red.


Clip Chart Advantages:

  • Students are acknowledged for positive behavior choices.
  • Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they make good behavior choices and move their clip up. 
  • Students who have had to move their clip down always have the opportunity to improve and clip up later in the day, thus they continue to stay motivated to make positive behavior choices. 


I believe that this system will be a positive way for students to monitor their choices and will give them behavior goals to strive for!