Recommended Apps

Recommended Apps
The following applications can be found and downloaded onto most tablets.  
Many are free, some have free trials, and a few cost a fee.

Reading Rainbow:  A personal favorite.  Access to a vast amount of literature.

Letter School:  A wonderfully fun way to practice letter formation.  

Word Wizard:  A great app for making words. 


Drawing with Carl:  An awesome blank slate with which your child can write letters, numbers, words, etc.  

Sight Words:  An easy way to practice spelling words.

BlusterThis word matching game develops vocabulary and word understanding for school-aged children, or anyone brave enough to battle the elements.

World's Worst Pets:  Help your students build a rich vocabulary of essential words! World’s Worst Pet exposes students to over 1000 Tier Two words at 6 different levels through four engaging games.

Florida Center for Reading Research

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