Reading Groups
What Do We Do?
Reading groups are held daily with students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth. During my 30 minute group times I provide instruction at individualized reading levels. We work on phonics, phonemic awareness, word work, vocabulary, reading strategies, fluency, and comprehension. 

Where You Can Find Me...
9:10-9:40: 2nd Grade Intervention
9:40-10:05:  Kindergarten Intervention 
10:05-10:30:  Kindergarten Intervention
10:30-11:00:  1st Grade Intervention
11:00-11:40:  6th Grade Classroom Team Teach
12:50-1:20:  1st Grade Intervention
1:20-1:50:  1st Grade Intervention
1:50-2:20:  5th Grade Classroom Team Teach
2:20-2:40:  1-on-1 Student Interventions
2:40-3:10:  3rd Grade Intervention

Homework...Oh, Homework...

While no homework is assigned in my groups, students should read every night as instructed by their classroom teacher.  As you help your child complete their reading assignments please encourage them to talk about the skills and strategies we have been working on in my classroom. 

A's, B's, or C's??...
I gain insight on student progress through informal methods while I listen to students read and answer questions - no formal grades are provided.  Some students will bring home a progress report at the end of each marking period that will highlight specific areas that require further concentration both in the classroom and at home.  

I believe that an 
open line of communication is beneficial.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns at