Mrs. Laura Rooney

Hello Hooverville Hornet Reading Friends!

Both of my boys love to play sports.  
For them to become strong players
I make sure they attend all of their practices.

Just like sports
a child's reading skills need to be practiced daily
so they can become strong readers.

Ways Parents Can Support Reading at Home

 Let your children see you read for pleasure.

Share vocabulary, quotes, characters, and the story with them.
Compare similarities & differences between your book and your child's.

When you’re riding in the car, tell your children a story about when you were little or tell them a story about something that happened at work that day.
Leave off the ending and let them provide an ending.

Have your children select three things they want to include in a story.
Make up a story that includes those three things.
For example, a princess, a race car, & an ice cream cone.
Help your children find clever ways to include the three things in the story.

Try different ambiances for reading a story aloud or storytelling.
If it’s a scary story, tell it in the dark or read it with flashlights.
If it’s a story about when your child was little,
share an old toy and hold it as you tell the story.

Help your child find a place in your home that is his/her favorite reading spot.
A place where he/she can read comfortably with little distraction.
Put a basket of books near the spot.
Every now and then, put a“literacy gift” in the basket to discover and explore.

Read aloud daily to your child.
Talk about the pictures.
Make predictions about a story and see if they come true.
Read aloud a chapter-book before bed.


If you have any questions, or would like further support helping your child practice their reading, please send me an email at