Common questions

What should I do if my child cries during the first few days of school?

I know that it is heartbreaking to leave a crying child. 

Starting a new school year can be overwhelming!

Give your child a hug, let him/her know you love him, wish him a great day, and let us guide your child into the classroom. It is important that your child sees you being strong and confident as he is nervous and needs that confidence himself! It is rare that a child will continue to cry once he is in the

classroom for more than a minute or two. He usually leaves

the tears behind once he sees that everyone is having a good time! I will do everything that I can to help you and your child adjust to a new school year.
What is the best way to communicate with the teacher?
If an immediate response is not required then you may email me

I will try to respond within a day or two.  If an immediate 

response is required then please send a note
or call the office at 762-1191  (#1500).  
Also I will send out several mass emails throughout the months

to share with you what exciting things are happening in 

the classroom, as well as, any important information or dates.
Do we celebrate birthdays? 
Birthdays are an exciting time.  We can take time at the end

of the day to celebrate your child's birthday.
It usually occurs around 3:10/15.  You may provide a birthday 

treat that is easy to distribute.  


BIRTHDAY TREAT.  Each day the curriculum demands us to
use up every possible moment and we are working right up 

to 3:20. It is very hard to try and squeeze in 
an unexpected birthday celebration treat.
Can we bring invitations to school?
Your child can only bring invitations for his/her birthday 

party, if (s)he brings in invitations for the whole class; 

or if the child is a boy, he brings invitations for all of 

the boys in the class, and if the child is a girl, she

 brings invitations for all of the girls in the class.

What are the Classroom Expectations?

  1. Respect others, their personal space, and property.
  2. Be responsible for behavior and assignments.
  3. Behave safely.
  4. Everyone must learn.
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