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Homework Sweet Homework

Homework! It always seems that little brother or sister can't wait for homework, while big brother or sister wishes it would just disappear! Luckily, for most first-graders, this is the first year that they've had homework on a regular basis, and they are usually quite excited by it!  Homework in first grade is primarily about developing responsibility in our children. They are responsible to bring home the assignment, complete it with a parent's guidance, and then return it. These skills will help to serve the child well later in his/her school life!


Your child will receive reading homework daily.  This will be in the form of our 100 Book Challenge program with which you may remember from kindergarten.  In addition, this year your child will begin to receive weekly math “homelinks” packets that coordinate with our Everyday Math program as well as "first grade required words" practice ideas . 


First graders should spend around 20 to 30 minutes each evening on homework. If your child is consistently spending more time than this, or if a particular assignment takes considerably longer, please let me know.  If your child is tired and unable to continue, please do not force it; he/she can finish the following day.  Remember, our goal is to instill responsibility, increase attention span, and reinforce what is taught in school, but we all have days when we're not at our best! 


I will hold the children responsible for completing and returning homework. If it is not completed and the child is capable, the child will then need to complete it at recess time. I will keep a record of incomplete homework.  This could be a reflection of the student’s social skills grade on his/her report card.  


Much of the assigned homework in first grade is designed to be done with family members. Sometimes there are games, interviews, questions, etc. that may accompany an assignment. Even independent tasks, however, may need parental involvement. See to it that homework is completed consistently and properly.  Establish an appropriate time, well-lit area, and a quiet place within your home to do homework.  Show a sincere interest in what your child is doing in school.  Please refrain from doing the homework for your child.   Please check over your child's homework. 


Unless otherwise specified, homework is due the following school day. Parents often wonder, "Should I correct my child's mistakes? How will the teacher know he/she is having a problem?" My advice is, yes, point out the mistakes to your child in a gentle way, and use that opportunity to “reteach” and clarify the skill. If you would like me to know about a particular problem area, just take a moment to send a note.  That will be helpful.




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